In 2002 I took dj lessons at “TWM dj school” and learnt the basics of djing together with dj Strain and 2 other djs. Our teacher, Ghonzales, was a famous czech hiphop / downtempo / d’n'b dj. After absolving the lessons he sold me several vinyls as a starter pack for my future career. Strain and I bought individual training hours to practise and we improved together although our believes were quite different: Santhos – drum and bass vs. Strain – house. Then we split up and I improved myself thanks to the support of my good friend Michal Ε andera and his M.D.S. Support company ( In the year 2003 I played on my very first gig at Inner Circle club in Prague. Suddenly other parties appeared at my list in different Prague clubs: Cross, Le Mirage, XT3, Wakata, 7 vlku, Akropolis, Roxy and also some out of my home town, in Pardubice or Zdar nad Sazavou.
My goal has always been to acquire more styles than drum and bass. In 2008 my taste for music has changed and since then I have been buying whatever I like and not only drum and bass. Now I play dubstep, uk garage, uk funky, house, breakbeat, nu:skool breaks and of course drum and bass.

While building my dj career, I have been trying composing electronic music on my private pc. Starting with Dance ejay, quickly shifting to Fruity loops and then changing to Reason I’ve been gaining my composing knowledge. In the beginning I was again trying to compose drum and bass tunes, but then I realized that the scene is not my favourite and now I just do whatever I have on my mind.
You can currently listen to my new music at

In addition I play several instruments: fipple flute, alt saxophone and bongos.

If you want to contact me, then follow this link.